L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program

For further information, call Catholic Hospice and ask for the L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program at the numbers listed below. Miami-Dade: 305.822.2380 Broward: 954.676.5465 ​Toll Free: 1.800.533.3933

Appropriate Care

Regardless of age, diagnosis or financial standing, it's important to have a clear understanding about the care choices that are available, and to recognize which is best for each person's specific needs.It's a fact that hospice care differs from all other health care pfoviders in many ways. For instance, many people don't realize that hospice care is covered by most insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid under a special Hospice Benefit. Many of the services covered under this benefit are not covered through any other type of health care provider, facility or home health agency.

What Hospice Provides

The L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program team of professionals and volunteers provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective array of services, including:
Providing responsive end-of-life care to the Jewish community.

The L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program employs an interdisciplinary team approach to patient care that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, hospice aides, specially trained volunteers, Rabbis and bereavement counselors, as well as other therapists as needed to care for the specific individual needs of each patient and their family.

Physical care consisting of medical and nursing services.

  • Medications, medical supplies and equipment.
  • Pain control, symptom management and dietary guidance.​
  • Family education regarding patient care, medications and what to expect.
  • Practical care such as bathing and assistance with 'Activities of Daily Living' (ADL's).
  • Assistance with insurance paperwork and other matters of financial concern.

Availability of a Rabbi for spiritual and emotional support in accordance with the family's own belief system.

  • Professional grief counseling and support.
  • Professional staff trained in Jewish rituals and traditions and sensitive to the needs of the people of the Jewish faith.​
  • Additional services required to serve the individual's specific needs.