Meet The Rabbis

L'Chaim Hospice Rabbi Ira H. Eisenman

Rabbi Ira H. Eisenman

In synagogue one morning, Dr. Daniel Heller handed me a brochure and told me to look at it. I did and immediately called CHI to set up an appointment for an interview. The meeting with Senior Management must have gone well because I immediately went down to HR to file the requisite paperwork, and a legend was born.

Rabbi Geoffrey Botnick

It has triggered in me an immense sparkle for my day or my week when I can invite someone to go back into the melodies of either Jewish tradition or American patriotism, and especially to remind them that they have a background and it deserves respect. THEY have earned respect and honor.

Rabbi Steven Newman of L'chaim Hospice

Rabbi Steven Newman

I have worked with Catholic Hospice since March 2019, which has been a joy and privilege. My goal is to provide a listening ear and loving-kindness to our patients, their families and to my co-workers.