L'Chaim Hospice Rabbi Ira H. Eisenman

Meet Rabbi Ira H. Eisenman

Having been with L’Chaim Hospice/Catholic Hospice for over 10 years, Rabbi Eisenman is very thankful for the help and guidance he has been able to give to our patients and their families. He looks forward to the end of the current pandemic so he can resume his works with L’Chaim Hospice.

Rabbi Eisenman was born in Brooklyn, NY (4th largest city in the US} and raised in upstate NY, about an hour north of NY City. He attended elementary & high school in Rockland County and attended Yeshiva University in Manhattan, with a major in Speech & Communications. After leaving YU in 1974 he joined the work force, joining his father-in-law as a Manufacturer’s Representative in the Jewelry industry. He spent a number of years doing that, but when an opportunity arose in the Hospitality industry he jumped at it. After 25 years in Hotels in Miami Beach he ended his career as Assistant General Manager in one hotel and Revenue Manager at a hotel in Sunny Isles Beach.

In synagogue one morning, Dr. Daniel Heller handed me a brochure and told me to look at it. I did and immediately called CHI to set up an appointment for an interview. The meeting with Senior Management must have gone well because I immediately went down to HR to file the requisite paperwork, and a legend was born.

My only focus since joining L’Chaim Hospice has been to serve our patients and their families to the best of my abilities, and to grow the  program to 50 patients (we actually reached 48 a few years ago). Education and face-to-face meetings with staff & personnel at facilities and Hospitals are the key components to this growth. When we have these meetings they are almost always successful in getting our name and experience in their ‘wheelhouse’.

Rabbi Eisenman married his wife – Seena – many moons ago. They raised their 3 daughters – Shoshana, Sara and Zipporah – in Florida. The girls went to school here and married here (all except Zipporah who got married up North) and are raising their families in the NY City area. Rabbi and Mrs. Eisenman are the proud grandparents of 21 grand-children (including 2 in-laws) and one great-grandson (so far).

If I have one regret, it is that my current medical condition precludes my being able to visit and meet with our patients and their families. I look forward to at least another 10 years of service with L’Chaim/CHI.