L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program

In addition to expert pain control and symptom management, the L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program provides staff trained in Jewish rituals and traditions that are sensitive to the special needs of people of Jewish faith.


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Through this special program, lives a commitment toward preserving the quality of life of the dying by restoring their dignity, choices and control.

The L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program serves the needs of our Jewish community - all within a framework of Jewish values, customs, and traditions. 

Our Mission

National Institute For Jewish Hospice
NIJH was established in 1985 to help alleviate suffering in serious and terminal illness



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The L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program is accredited and a member in good standing with the National Institute For Jewish Hospice 



Volunteers fill many roles at L'chaim Jewish Hospice . They are an important part of the patient care team, providing a special kind of caring and compassion to our patients and their families. 

For further information, call Catholic Hospice and ask for the L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program at the numbers listed below.

Miami-Dade: 305.822.2380

Broward: 954.676.5465

​Toll Free: 1.800.533.3933​​

The L'chaim Jewish Hospice Program provides responsive end-of-life care to people of all ages facing life-threatening illnesses throughout Miami-Dade,  and Broward counties. 

Through alleviation of spiritual and psychological distress, individuals diagnosed with terminal illness may live fully until they die.

A service of Catholic Hospice

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