Rabbi Ira Eisenman

Rabbi Ira became a symbol of Jewish life and living – – in addition to being an important person for interfaith relations— within Catholic Hospice/L’Chaim Jewish Hospice. His teaching and counsel influenced many patients, their families, our team members, and those out of the realm of Catholic Hospice. He gave and earned so much love.

Over more than a decade with Catholic Hospice, he has become a legend in our healing community.  He expanded himself into exquisite chaplaincy work, building lasting relationships with different faith representatives. He designed an outlook assuring sensitivity to spiritual needs and formulated a program called L’Chaim, under the National Institute for Jewish hospice.

Our whole organization of Catholic Hospice remains indebted to Rabbi Eisenman, ever so thankful that he invested so much love, energy,  humor,  wisdom,  and kindness, in his years in L’chaim and the other spheres of deep importance to Catholic Hospice.  The well-known and deserving comforting expression is “May the memory of the righteous be for a blessing”.  Rabbi Ira was a blessing to us all.

Through his inspiration, we can all continue his vision and his mission.